Bio: “Every single one of us is perfect - just the way we are! You may not believe it, but it’s true!” SUPER-SENSITIVE This blog is about being different. It’s about how I found myself positioned by birth on one end of the bell-curve in a place where most folks would be very uncomfortable. But when you are so sensitive to the world that your entire life-style has to change in order to function the best way possible it is difficult to make others understand that even though my life is different it is still good and very rewarding. What makes me different is my incredible sensitivity. I am sensitive to pretty much anything and I firmly believe I was born that way. More on that later though! Most days I have to wear a mask in public since allergies make it difficult to cope and the effects of pollution on my body make me ill. People who are not as sensitive don’t understand how negatively man-made chemicals affect our bodies. I, however, am blessed with an internal alarm system that lets me know when something is not good for me (or anyone else for that matter!). The trick was learning to understand the signals. The reason for this inate sensitivity has become clear to me over time and the comprehension that there is a purpose has altered my life and given me peace. After all is said and done I am an empath, a clairsentient and a person who can feel energy and heal illness in others. My abilities lie on the psychic spectrum and despite their challenges I consider them a gift. My journey to activate and hone this gift has been baffling to say the least, but the gifts imparted upon me throughout have been beyond measure, because I found my true self in the attempt to heal something that didn’t need healing in the first place. My goal for this blog is to chronicle my experiences in the hopes that others, who find themselves in similar situations can derive comfort from knowing that there is a greater plan in place for everyone and if we just listen to the signals we can all find out why we are here. I would have never thought that one day I would end up as a healer, empath, astrologer, psychologist and counselor, but here I am ready to impart my wisdom on others who are hurting, who are misunderstood and feel they also don’t fit in. My words are the vehicle that brings healing to others and because of the many, many difficulties I have lived through I can now help others who are ill, stressed, lost and in physical or emotional pain or both. Through my own journey towards healing incredible trauma I awoke the wounded healer inside and hope to chronicle my most difficult moments to show that we can survive anything. And that miracles are very possible. My business is called inSight Astrology and Healing and I will leave little, but significant insights for my readers in my posts. However, I also realize that you have to walk your own journey and even though in the end we are all the same, our individual expressions differ as much as there are colors in the sky! But reading the words will resonate in your heart and they will do deeper work that you can ever imagine, because my intent for you to heal as well can transcend time and all boundaries!

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